Due to the rise in demand in recent years for body art designs that follow a theme of faith, it is not surprising therefore that one of the most popularly requested images used is the Catholic Rosary. Rosary TattoosThis is a chain of prayer beads with a cross or crucifix at the end which is deemed to represent Jesus, with eight different prayers said in concession around the beads to help strengthen one’s appeal to God on the way to eternal salvation. Therefore rosary tattoos are often chosen to depict a profound belief in one’s faith and are most often selected by the wearer to remind them that while salvation comes from within, carrying this image on one’s body is also a reminder of the importance of faith. While many opt for this style of tattoo to pay homage to their faith, as a tribute to God and also to bring Him closer to the individual some opt for this image purely for aesthetic reasons.

There are different styles of rosary tattoos – some of which are close replicas of the real thing – however other versions have been adapted slightly by those who simply like the design rather than choosing it to represent their religious beliefs. In that instance, some opt to replace the beads with a chain design accompanied by a simple cross as opposed to the more traditional crucifix.

The popularity of such designs is that they follow a hot trend along the lines of the bracelet style tattoo and the rosary can be inked around the neck and chest to give a necklace effect. It is also popular around the wrist, ankle and foot as a simple strand of beads wrapped around the lower leg (or arm) with the cross part resting on the foot (or hand) which looks really cool.Rosary Tattoos These are particularly popular with young women and men who want to celebrate their faith in a cool but very prominent manner.

There are other differing styles and locations that are often used for rosary tattoos including a memorial style tattoo with Rest In Peace tattooed alongside the image in honor of a loved one who is now deceased. They are also incorporated into a set of hands closed in prayer which is another favourite with both men and women, for placement on areas such as the hip, back or shoulder. Larger designs tend to feature a full length rosary done exactly to scale however this particular design can also be scaled down or adapted to suit smaller body parts if desired. Regardless of the style or size you choose, remember that this is a very powerful and significant symbol that has strong religious connotations for all those who view it.

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