In our modern society, tattoos are very much a part of our everyday lives to the extent that it is almost impossible to miss them. They are absolutely everywhere and are sported by both men and women from all elements of society, and each for their own reasons. While some may choose a tattoo as a fashion accessory to enhance their body’s natural sex appeal others use it as a mark of belonging to a street gang or some another group while many simply uses them as a method of self expression. However, for most people there is a deep personal meaning behind their tattoos and religious tattoos for men are such a design.

Religious Tattoos For MenThese are very popular today and you will spot crosses and other universally recognized symbols of religion as tattoo images every where you go. However, not everyone has this kind of design as a representation of their secular beliefs while others may choose a symbol that is not part of their own religion but appeals to them for individual reasons. Believe it or not religious tattoos for men actually can be traced back to pre-biblical times when pagans practiced this art as a means of worship. However the arrival of Constantine as emperor or Rome meant this practice was forbidden and since then many Christians have shunned the art and even today consider having a tattoo to be wrong. There reasoning stems from a verse in the book of Leviticus which states “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead; neither shall you make in yourselves any figures or marks. I am the Lord.”

Another religion which prohibits tattoos is Islam, as it considers any alterations to the body that are designed to enhance it as sinful. The Muslim religion also deems tattoos to be unacceptable as do those of the traditional Jewish faith. However, as views have changed over the years, probably as a result of tattooing going so main stream, attitudes towards tattoos in these religions are gradually becoming more accepting than ever before.

Religious Tattoos For MenAt the opposite end of the scale, Asian cultures actually view tattoos as standard practice in their religion. Many Buddhist monks commonly wear tattoos to ward off evil spirits and prevent bad luck so to them religious tattoos are traditionally served as their personal amulets. In Hindu and Egyptian cultures this was also part of their religious customs and for the latter, The Eye Of Horus design not only protected from evil but also brought good luck and was believed to assist the individual’s entry into the afterlife.

While many of these images are still used today, a lot of them are chosen simply for the aesthetics rather than because they are revered symbols. These include the Star of David, Menorah, and Allah symbols of the Islam; Yin Yang, Dharma, the Ankh, Ichthus, the Sacred Heart and the Christian crucifix. Many others select these for more spiritual reasons, particularly those who no longer practice their religion. While it is a good way for an individual to show his devotion to their faith, the choice of religious tattoos for men really comes down to the individual’s personal beliefs regardless of whether they are based on religion, faith or more spiritual principles.

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