While Christian tattoos in general have always been a controversial subject, many of the younger generation today are happy to display their faith and religious beliefs openly through their choice of body art. Religious Tattoos For Girls Some aspects of Christianity in the past have suggested that the body is God’s temple and therefore should not be defaced in any way; however expressing one’s devotion in this way has grown in popularity in recent years. Both male and female tattoo enthusiasts are opting for faith themed body art so let us take a look at some of the more popular religious tattoos for girls at the moment.

There are many different designs of this nature to choose from ranging from small and simple to much more elaborately detailed tattoos that take up a vast canvas of skin. More basic designs may feature the Christian cross or crucifix in a simple black outline perhaps accompanied by the numerals of their favourite biblical verse or quote. Jesus fish are also popular images that feature highly in religious tattoos for girls, depicted either in plain monochrome ink or in multi-coloured rainbow style versions. With the hot new trend for written tattoos as opposed to the traditional picture versions, full verses or scriptures from the bible are also popular for medium to large body parts like the back or side of the torso. These will often be inked in an elaborate font or even illustrated in Hebrew for additional effect but the text itself will be of strong personal significance to the wearer. Not only do these look really cool now but any woman who is strongly devoted to her faith will also have a tasteful and timeless tattoo as a constant reminder of her individual principles and morals. Other popular Christian symbols used in this style of religious tattoo include Jesus, praying hands and the Madonna.

Religious Tattoos For Girls For the Jewish faith, the six-pointed star of David is popular being based on the shape of David’s shield or the symbol on his shield as he defeated Goliath. The menorah is the oldest religious symbol of the Jewish faith and this seven branched candle holder also makes a distinctive piece of body art. In the Islamic religion, the Star and Crescent is the best-known symbol used to represent Islam however the he words “Allah” in Arabic script or characters is often requested as body art too. One of the most popular Hindi signs requested as body art by young woman is the Om which is perhaps the most important religious symbols to Hindus. It is made up of three Sanskrit letters while the syllable Om consists of the three sounds a-u-m which represent the three worlds of earth, atmosphere, and heaven; the three major Hindu gods. Buddhist symbols are also popular religious tattoos for girls whose religious beliefs are more spiritual and as well as the image of Buddha himself the Dharma wheel. The eight spokes of the wheel symbolize the Noble Eightfold Path set out by the Buddha in his teachings and is one of the most important religious Buddhist symbols.