One of the hottest trends in the tattooing world in the past few years has to be that for the sleeve tattoo design which is definitely for hardcore tattoo enthusiasts only and not one for any first-timers. Religious Sleeve Tattoos These come in several versions, the half sleeve and the full sleeve with the latter covering either the upper arm area from the elbow to the shoulder or the lower arm from the elbow joint to the wrist. If you work in a profession where it is not encouraged to display body art in the work place then you may want to consider a half sleeve for the upper arm which will be easier to conceal. Designs of this nature actually cover almost every area of skin on that particular body part to give the effect of a sleeve, hence the name. There has also been a rise in demand for faith-themed tattoos in recent years and now these trends seem to have amalgamated somewhat as many are now asking for religious sleeve tattoos which are replacing more traditional designs of this nature.

Sleeve designs look visually amazing as they involve a great deal of intricate detail however this does mean that there is a lot of work involved so if you are interested in religious sleeve tattoos you may need several sessions before it is complete. It is also worth spending some time to find a reputable tattoo artist with experience in this design and the artistic talent and ability to do it justice. Sleeve tattoos are essentially a combination of different symbols, patterns and artwork that are of personal significance to the wearer and are ideal for anyone who cannot decide on one specific image. Popular religious images generally used include everything from the sacred heart and praying hands, Jesus and the Virgin Mary, to biblical text and the cross or crucifix symbol. Angels and demons are also very popular for this type of tattoo and the arm is the perfect canvas for a full length celestial body complete with wings as it provides the tattooist with a large area of skin on which to implement his art.

Religious Sleeve Tattoos All these favourite images could all be incorporated into a religious sleeve tattoo however there is a certain skill involved in the placement of these images so they all blend together to a certain extent rather than standing out on their own. One of the best things about this style of tattoo is that there is so much to see within the design and the more you look, the more symbols and shapes will jump out at you. These really are fascinating and very clever works of art that literally go all around the circumference of the arm as well as up or down its length with the different images interacting within the main design. These are usually multi-coloured affairs which are more expensive than their mono-chrome counterparts but the end result is definitely worth any extra money paid. There are an endless amount of religious images and symbols you can use for this kind of design, but whatever you decide upon, you can be assured that your sleeve tattoo will be one of the boldest and most eye-catching designs around.