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Ohm Tattoo

With the growing demand for all things spiritual, an ohm tattoo has got to be one of the most sacred symbols ever used in body art. This is a very significant symbol in the Hindu Dharma and represents the essence of the universe as well as spiritual perfection and piety. Ohm TattooYou will find this revered sign everywhere in Hindu temples or family shrines and babies are anointed a birth with the Ohm symbol marked on their tongue in honey. This has also been adopted by other Eastern religions including the Sikh, Jain and Buddhist faiths.

These also make for interesting tattoo designs and the symbol itself consists of a dot, a semi-circle and three curves. These curves represent the human state of consciousness and all physical matter, with their placement indicated various stages of the spiritual journey that we make on both inner and outer levels. The semi-circle represents illusion or maya as it is often referred, while the dot signifies the highest level of conscious thought without the influence of maya which allows us to become as one. There are different variations of an ohm tattoo ranging from simplistic designs in just one ink color to more elaborate images incorporating several different colors of ink.

Ohm TattooThe Ohm has many three way combinations such as birth-life-death, part-present-future, fire-sun-wind, earth-atmosphere-heaven or e creation, preservation and destruction as depicted in the holy trinity of the Hindu gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Devout Hindu’s utter the sound Ohm at the start of each day, at the beginning or a journey and even before going to work and it is also used in meditation and yoga practices. These prayers and mantras are framed by this cadence and can be found as a sacred utterance at the start and end of most Hindu texts.

However, it is not necessary to be a devout Hindu to opt for an ohm tattoos as there are many other reasons people may choose such a design. It is an eternal word that signifies the fundamental nature of the universe as a whole, representing quite simply everything. One Hindu scripture sums this up nicely as it defines this sacred symbol as the eternal word – all that was, all that is and all that will be – so it also appeals to those who are very spiritually minded and want a symbol that expresses this and ties in with their own philosophical beliefs.

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